Britney DrakeHi! I am Britney Drake. Being a talkative Cancerian, I possess several characters of the Cancer sun sign. Most of the times, I react bold but react shy and timid at certain times. I wish to live my life to the maximum. I enjoy whatever I am doing. My hobbies are photography, blogging, and reading books. I love to write up health, fitness, makeup tricks and hairstyles. I am a freelance writer and social media expert. I pursued my Masters degree in journalism. I love to write about my favorite topics.

Writing is something that is always ahead of my other passions. I spend my leisure time in photography, listening to music, reading and traveling. At present, I stay in New York. I work for some of the multinationals in social media marketing and brand awareness. Hope you guys enjoy my Coronet hairstyle blog. I started to write this blog after watching several hairstyles and videos of wedding coronet. I was totally inspired and thought to share with passionate readers. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to comment or send an email to me. I am also active in social networking sites. You can follow me for more beauty and hairstyle updates.You can also reach me in

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