About Us

The journey to Coronet Hair began with a tragic story. At a very young age, we realised that beautiful locks that can be styled in any manner on any day are just not in our fate. We would be stuck with straggly hair that refused to grow beyond a certain length. As lovers of long hair, we quickly came to the solution of hair extensions. These hair clip-ons are life saviours. Instead of spending hours and hundreds of bucks on products trying to grow our natural hair, we began investing in hair extensions.

Over the years, we have used almost every brand and in every possible method. As we accumulated knowledge, we thought to begin sharing it. The first tip on how to correctly apply hair extensions saw a torrential outpour of thanks. And thus, Coronet Hair was born. The website is dedicated to people around the world, who love to have a glorious, healthy mane but are not blessed with it.

We share with our readers and viewers all things related to hair extensions. We cover how to put them on, how to customise them, how to properly care for them, which brands are the best, how to shop for them and how to style them to suit your face cut. Our vision is to become the go-to platform for everyone when it comes to using hair extensions.  We want to become the Mecca of artificial hair clip-ons. We want to be the name that every woman says when she thinks of extensions.