Worthwhile Treatments To Look For At Spas


People look for means to break the monotony in life just to find sources of relaxation and rejuvenation. The benefits and a wide range of services that spas offer have become such a welcome change among people that it is gaining popularity and there are many spas that are opened up in a certain location. There is tough competition among spas and each tries to deliver the best they can, while there may be some that employ marketing strategies for attracting clients to their services, as attractive as these offers may look, there are many procedures that can be performed at home to ensure natural health. One must be wary of what to spend in to gain value for the money spent.

Massage in Chennai has gained popularity owing to the fast life from which people seek a break at times. Earlier massages were popular only at resorts and holiday locations, but now they are easily available in cities. Vellore is a particularly busy location owing to the vast medical facilities it has many people from different places. Spa in Vellore too has gained significance. When looking for spa services look for those that have certified practitioners and also take care to tell them of your medical conditions if there are any of concerns. Massages have a great chance of going wrong when delivered by inexperienced hands or even under adverse medical conditions.

Spas not only offer body massages but also provide personal care procedures for hair care, skin care and care for feet too. One must be aware of what one can do at home and also as to what needs to be taken care of by professionals. For example, simple scrubs and facials can be performed at home under hygienic conditions whereas removal of facial hair needs expertise. So here are a few procedures that can be done at home and others that one can seek at spas.

Hot Stone massage: This one is basically heat therapy. While a professional would know best how to do it, it is something you can do by yourself too. At a spa you can just lie down and let the practitioner handle it, they heat volcanic stones in simmering water and place them along your body to allow the heat to radiate out into your muscles and take effect. Just the right amount of heat is magical to sore muscles. The heat effectively radiates through the muscles, penetrates deep and stimulates blood circulation while relaxing the muscles.

Laser hair removal: While you may bleach at home, or even wax at home, you do have to go to the professional for laser hair removal. Laser removal is even facilitated by devices that a customer can use at home. The basic principle of laser hair removal is that it directly affects the follicles by producing intense pulsating light. The laser beams intense heat damages the hair follicle and prevents hair growth. Although this is not a permanent hair removal solution, it prevents growth to an extent. Laser hair removal is limited by the fact that it is most effective on light skin, dark haired types. It is poorly effective on dark skin or light haired types. One must also know that laser hair removal can sometimes be painful and warrants the use of numbing lotions.

Pedicure: Foot massage and pedicure are sometimes charged exorbitantly. If you want to just lie down, relax and don’t have enough time to do it yourself, surely head the spa. A foot massage at the spa is surely worthwhile as massaging your own feet can have its limitations. Pedicure when performed regularly at home can keep your feet beautiful and clean. Dip your feet in warm water with mild soap for just about 10 minutes and scrub with a pumice stone or emery board to remove dead skin cells. Trim your nails, not too deep. Massage heavily with oil or lotion to moisturize. Polish your nails for the final touch. Go to a spa for paraffin wax treatment if your feet are absolutely dry and on the verge of chapping out. Then follow up pedicure at home.

Hydrotherapy massage: This one surely is available only at the spa. It involves the therapeutic use of water pressure along every part of the body applying thermal, mechanical and chemical massage techniques. It is known to alleviate muscle and soft tissue injuries caused by arthritis, back pain, neck injuries, sports injuries, pregnancy discomforts and so much more to provide efficient stress management techniques.

Facials: Many facials and cleansing routines can be followed in the comfort of home combined with steaming to keep the face radiant and clean. If the skin is prone to acne, by all means, visit the best spa for intense pulsed light (IPL) acne facial that the experts employ. IPL includes a series of in-depth treatments which focus on deep cleansing, extractions and intense pulsed light therapy that penetrates the skin and tackles acne causing germs trapped deep in the skin.

Hair care: While you seek professional straightening and relaxing at the salon, you may take care of deep conditioning at home. Conditioning at home becomes effective when it is combined with heat. Heat your favourite conditioner in the microwave for 15 seconds, apply to hair and wrap your hair in a hot towel for about half an hour and you will have salon conditioned hair right at home. Practice this once a week and it will keep hair supple.

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