Bridal Hair Styling Trends In 2019

Beautiful Brides in their wedding attire and trending hairstyles, ready for their D-day.

The Many Different Styles A Bride Can Opt For Her Hair

A wedding in India is different than one held in America or England. Heck, a wedding held in the north-east of India is very distinct than one held in the south of India. It is true that the traditions of the day, dressing style, and even the food varies from state to state, country to country and continent to continent. Yet, with all this disparity, there is one aspect of the event that remains universal. The bride is the most important person of the day, everywhere. Read More about the best bridal hairstyles in 2019.

It is why no matter what dress she likes, what décor she wants, and which dishes she loves, all of them make it to the D-Day. It is also why so much care goes into every tiny decision of the bride. From the attire of the wedding day to the makeup she will get done, everything is chosen after careful and prolonged deliberation. All this is done to be the perfect bride. After all, all eyes are going to be on her with a gazillion photos as memories.

To achieve perfection on your wedding day, we bring you the latest Bridal hairstyle trends of 2019. There are three main categories of style, but small modifications in each can create several hairstyles. Our advice is to get a trial done to understand what suits your face-cut. Furthermore, keep the saree, lehenga, or gown in mind while picking the final hairstyle. It factors in the decision. No bride in a gorgeous white gown looked good with one long braid down her back!

An Image showing the latest bridal hairstyle ideas trending in 2019.

The Braid Or The Open Curls For The Bride

• For a woman who has long hair, styling is easy and tough. Easy because any hairstyle can be made and tough because it requires a lot of effort. Open curls are the most popular hairstyle of the era for long manes. Slightly wet look and all the curls pinned to one side of the head make any bride beautiful. If you want to jazz it up, add some lovely flowers in the same shade as your dress!

For a lady who has medium length hair, we advise going for loose waves. Curls make the hair shorter while waves give the appearance of curls without making the hair too short.

• The one traditional bridal hairstyle that never goes out of vogue is braiding. If you want to walk the simple path, one thick braid with opulent accessories is the best idea. If you’re going to walk the trendier path, then opt for any of the following:

  • side-braid
  • French braid
  • tail braid
  • cross braid
  • fishtail braid
  • waterfall braid

Like with the curls you can add flowers to the hairstyle but conventional Indian jewellery suits better. Choose to add a tikka or jhumar to the hair for a stunning look.

An image showing Wedding Reception Hairstyles ideas

The Updos And The Classic Bun Hairstyles

• While the braid is the conventional hairstyle for brides, the bun is the most famous. Virtually every second bride in the country opts for it. And there is a reason for it. A bun not only give a clean and serene look, but it is also perfect for holding the heavy dupatta that we drape on our heads! Plus, you can attach every head jewellery to the bun starting from tikka and ending with hair accessories.
• For brides who want to stay within their roots but also wish to modernise, think of an updo. A messy bun or a side bun are great options. Forget the clean and neat look, go for the windswept and striking look. And if that still doesn’t appeal to you, then choose the half open and half tied updo!

The final tip as we bid you adieu is to start caring for your hair long before the D-day arrives. It will keep your hair healthy and ready for the event.

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