Caring for Synthetic Hair Extensions

Image Showing Seven Types of Hair Extensions with different colors.

Technological improvements have given us synthetic hair extensions that look and feel exactly like real hair. Synthetic Hair extensions come pre-styled and can be used from the packaging directly unlike real hair extensions that require styling. Curls and waves have the capacity to stay the same even in dry or humid weather and would not frizz out. But taking care of synthetic hair extension is much different from that of real hair extensions.

Tips to Ponder while Washing Synthetic Hair Extensions

A mild shampoo labelled “Sulphate-free” or a shampoo formulated for synthetic hair wigs or extensions must be used. Shampooing on synthetic fibre must not be done often, as it only removes visible dirt and smell.

A wide-tooth comb must be used to comb the hair starting at the ends and working the way up to the beginning to remove all tangles. Spraying a bit of water or detangling spray will make the process easier. It is best to use fingers to detangle when it’s a curl pattern extension.

Image Showing Synthetic and Real Hair extensions.

Fill the basin with lukewarm water as hot water can damage the texture of the extension.

Quantity of shampoo used will depend on the length of the hair extension. Caution needs to be kept not to use too much as it can rip off the coating from the hair extension. Mix the same into the lukewarm water.

Hair should be fully submerged into the water. Move the hair from side to side instead of scrubbing followed by dipping the hair up and down. Repeat the same till its clean.

Rinse the hair extension using room temperature water so as to not interrupt the coating or pattern of the hair.

Conditioning and Styling the Hair Extensions

A detangling conditioner will prevent hair from getting tangled. A moisturising conditioner is of no use as the synthetic hair would not be able to absorb, unlike real hair. Conditioner with Avocado oil or jojoba oil will also bring a shine to the hair. The Conditioner needs to sit in for a period of 10-15 mins before washing it again.

After washing, place the hair in the palm and squeeze out excess water working it from the end to top. Place the extension in the towel and do not disturb it until its dry. No using a blow dryer on synthetic fibre as it can change the styling pattern and no using a comb until its dry. Hot tools must be set to a cool setting so as to not damage the curls or waves while styling. Using any hot tool on synthetic hair can melt the fibres. It is important to trim the ends if they have gotten frizzy due to the cleaning process. Rubbing a small amount of oil can help with the styling process too.

The real life of a hair extension is maximum of six to eight weeks after which it is best to visit the hairdresser for some replacements.

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