Important Hair Care Regime

Image Representing the way of hair washing.

Every hair has its own texture and behavioural pattern on a daily basis but it can be kept much under control by taking good care of it. Including a hair care regime into one’s day-to-day life will give the hair back its nourishment and attention that is required. Purchasing of products is on one hand but on the other hand, the procedure to take care is the same irrespective of the products used.

Washing is the first step to caring

Massaging a little amount of coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil, gently through the hair into the scalp lets the hair get some preconditioning before it gets showered.

Temperature of water must be lukewarm as hot water can cause dehydrating and split ends to the hair due to heat. Room temperature water or lukewarm water is best.

Image Showing A young girl with beautiful long hair.

Shampoos are very harsh in nature that using it without dilution can cause the hair loose their natural oiliness and gets it dry and frizzy. Thus shampoos should always be diluted in water before application.

Circular motion massage using the fingers, gently can help stop detangling and mainly damage to the hair. Followed by applying conditioner from the middle area to the end of the hair and making sure its washed after two mins of soaking.

Washing hair on a daily basis should be avoided as dehydration and damage to the hair follicles is very much possible. Production of natural oil helps to reduce hair fall and breakage of hair.

Indulging in Careful Drying and combing of Hair

After washing hair thoroughly, using a microfiber towel its is best to dry the wet hair initially. Blow dryers must be banned from usage, as heating tools can cause damage to both the scalp and hair. But if it is a must to blow dry, it is better to use the tool after hair is at least 75% dry giving much time towards closing of hair cuticles.

It is vital to detangle hair using a wider-tooth comb while soaking in conditioner as that is when the hair is smooth, making the process of detangling less painful and easy. Tools such as round or metal brushed should be eliminated. Detangling from the end of the hair working upward the scalp is the right way to detangle.

Having a complete know-all about Hair care regime is a must so as to have a well-maintained yet long and healthy hair life.

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