Things To Know About Hair Extensions

Image Showing Two Views of Hair - Short and Long.

Hair Extensions are strands of artificial hair attached to your natural hair. This is mainly done to add length and fullness to your hair. People go for hair extensions as they style up their hair with trendy hairstyles. Here you would know about choosing the right type of hair extensions.

Types Of Hair Extension

There are various types of hair extensions currently in use. The popular extensions are listed below.

Clip-in: This is the most accessible type of hair extension, and it is preferred by most of the people who go for hair extension. In this type, you need to clip the extension into your natural hair. It least damages your hair and a simple process.

Sew-in: This type of extension is nothing but sewing the hair extensions into the cornrow. This is a permanent hair extension option.

Glue-in: This is a type of hair extension where the artificial hair is glued to the natural hair. This type of hair extension is likely to damage your hair.

Micro-Link: In this type of hair extension, hot tool and metal rings are used for creating a loop for the extensions.

Tape-Extension: This type of hair extension is nothing but using a discreet double-sided tape which looks like a sandwich. The natural hair acts as the filling, and the extension is the top piece of your bread.

Synthetic Extension: These extensions are made up of synthetic fibers. It is cheaper and blends well with your natural hair.

Human Hair Extension: This is a type of hair extension where the natural hair itself is used as an extension. This is the best type of hair extension.

Choosing The Right Type Of Hair Extension

There are various factors involved in selecting the right hair extension. It would be a good idea to talk with your hairdresser when you wish to go for hair extensions. The common factors to be considered are listed below.

  • Lifestyle
  • Budget
  • Maintenance

The above offers clear insight on hair extensions.

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