Understanding Different Hair Extension Type

From pre-bonded hair extensions to micro loop extensions, the market is filled to the brim with faux hair. For an amateur, all these names can get confusing. One can even be lost when it comes to understanding which hair extension type can be used for what style. In this piece, we talk about just three types of extensions that you can buy – micro link, weave hair and tape hair.  But before we dive into the kinds of clip-ins, one has to be clear on the two types of hair.

At present, a person can buy extensions made of synthetic hair or real human hair.  Synthetic hair extensions come with a coat of silicone that gives them a very natural gloss and glow. Their drawback is that the glow fades in time and synthetic hair cannot be dyed or styled using high temperature.  Because of these shortcomings, synthetic hair is cheaper to buy than real hair extensions. For people who prefer to wear hair extensions every day, synthetic hair is not recommended as they last for as little as 30 days to just about three months.

Extensions made out of human hair are very similar to natural hair. They can be styled or dyed as much as you wish. But of course, there is a limit to the treatment extensions can handle, even real hair ones. Another advantage of real hair extensions is that the cuticle of each hair faces in one direction. This makes sure that the extensions blend in really well. They also last longer than synthetic extensions. The average lifetime is from six months to almost a year. It is why the price tag of real hair extensions is so high.

Now that we are clear on the type of hair used to make extensions let’s move on to the kinds of extensions available. The first type we discuss is the micro link hair extension. These are also called micro beads or loop hair extensions. To apply the weave in the hair, it is looped through natural hair and then clamped down via metal bead using pliers. The next variety of hair extension one can buy are called weave hair extensions.

These are generally recommended to people who have very thick hair because a lot of volume is needed to hide the weave in. To apply the extension, first, the natural hair is braided in cornrows. The extension is attached to the scalp using a needle and cotton thread. Because corn rows are used, this type of clip-ins is called weaves.  The last kind of hair extension we explain today is known as tape hair. These are semi-permanent extensions that become popular because they are really simple to fit in and the process is rapid. The clip-ins come pre-taped that is sandwiched between two sections of real hair.

We hope that the varieties of extensions discussed above have made shopping for hair extensions easier. Remember to choose the kind that feels most comfortable to you.

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