Ways To Grow Long Hair

Image Representing The Benefits of Coconut Oil For Hair.

Some people love to keep their hair long, and some prefer short haircut. Long hair requires proper care and maintenance. For a shiny and healthy looking long hair, you have to follow specific hair care regime. The following are the tips for growing long hair.

Challenges In Growing Long Hair

It is not easy to manage long hair. This is the main reason people go for a short haircut. Some of the problems of making your hair grow longer are listed below.

  • Maintaining your hair is tough
  • Heavy Hair Fall
  • Split Ends
  • Dandruff

Tips For Long Hair


Trim Your Hair: Trimming your hair regularly can help to grow beautiful and healthy long hair. This would help to get rid of split ends in hair.

Eat Healthily: Eating a properly balanced diet is vital in growing healthy hair. Eat food rich in iron, zinc, calcium, protein, selenium, etc. which would support hair growth. Stay hydrated for a shiny and smooth hair. Include green leafy vegetables, nuts, and food rich in omega fatty acids.

Avoid Hot Water: To grow long hair make sure that you wash your hair in lukewarm water. Hot water would damage the hair roots. It would make your hair look dry and frizzy.

Massage Your Scalp: You must improve the blood circulation of your scalp. Massaging your scalp would enhance the blood circulation, and this would increase the hair growth. Make use of various types of hair oil for massaging purpose.

Follow Home Hair Care Routine: You can make use of some natural products available in your kitchen for maintaining the health of your hair. Curd, aloe vera, vinegar, onions, eggs, amla, shiakkai are some of the natural stuff that you can apply on your hair. This would facilitate hair growth.
The above tips would help to grow healthy and long hair.

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