Rustic Coronet Braid: Latest Wedding Hairstyle


Rustic Coronet BraidHair braiding is simply an art. You can tie your hair as you wish and make it either a ponytail or just keep it down. Hair braiding is one of the popular hairstyles mostly preferred for wedding occasions. Most of the brides ensure to use the right flower crowns and accessories to make their braids appear beautiful and elegant. It gives a new and exclusive presence to your personality. It is a different angle, and all depends upon your creativity. There are hundreds of patterns and styles in hair braiding.

Rustic Coronet hair styleThe rustic coronet braid hairstyle gives a fresher look and makes the bride appear more mystical and romantic. It is a great alternative to the traditional type of braids. It is simple, easy to create and looks precise. It is essential to have long hair for this style. If you are lucky with long beautiful hair then you can continue with that and if not you need to hire or fix a large piece to your present hair. First make ponytails and start to braze it without tightening the side parts. Once you complete till the end, wrap the whole braid just about your head and use invisible elastic bands and bobby pins to secure the end. At the ends, you need to flair out for soft fringe.

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