Tips: How to Learn and Do Braiding for your Own Hair?

hair styleIn recent times, braids are back into fashion, and most teens ensure to create an elegant look for parties and wedding functions. The trend started from celebrities, where they make sure to couple their long dress with an elegant coronet hairstyle. Here listing some tips on how to start practicing on your own.

hair modelFirst use little water to damp your hair or spray your hair before starting to do. This way, you will find easy to make sections that will help you in making beautiful braids. If you find your hair is rough and dry, you need to use finishing paste or spray gel so that the styling would stay better and long. You have to use this before braiding. Whenever you are using jelly or oily substances for your hair, use them in small amounts. A little more than a pea size will make your hair oily and sticky. Then you will find it really hard to handle your hair.

When tying your hair, ensure to use black elastic bands or invisible hair ties. So that it will not appear odd. It depends on your own convenience, when you want to use both the hands.

There are numerous websites and videos explaining how to create beautiful and trendy braiding. You can keep watching them and start to practice on your hair.

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